operational common sense

Zorea Consulting has demonstrated sound strategic intuition and operational common sense.

Robert Buckler
President (retired)
DTE Energy

Problems in the business units continued to mount. In spite of identifying dozens of issues, the unit continued to suffer and customers were extremely unhappy. Top management considered outsourcing the unit for no compensation.

After embarking in a very detailed diagnostics process, the unit identified its strategic issues and commenced the process of change design. After a couple of years, the valuation went from not recognizable to about $250M.

crack the code

Zorea Consulting is quick to crack the code on how to optimize your business core competencies and assets.

Andrew Bank
Director (former)
Thomson Scientific

The company had stagnant its sales revenues and was unsure of what else to do.

The company reduced its project risk by building a portfolio of three times as many diverse project ideas, implementing twice as many projects given the same budget funding, and growing revenues 30% per year for several years until the company was sold.

focus on what matters

Carlos Zorea and his team helped us organize for growth and focus sharply on what matters.

Jeff Padden
Public Policy Associates, Inc.

The company was operating in a stagnant business. The existing organizational structure slowed operational processes and could not serve new needs. Personnel conflicts developed.

The company developed a new organizational structure. The employees fully embraced the methodologies used. Within three months, internal conflict decreased 90% and subsequent profitability increased 35%.

excellent job

Zorea Consulting does an excellent job making processes and the people better.

Trevor F. Lauer
Vice President – Marketing
DTE Energy

Severe problems in existing processes were causing high costs, poor quality, substantial delays, and overall very low effectiveness.

The process-analysis and subsequent changes resulted in a dramatic change. The processes were updated to operate within existing cost budgets, at high quality, and within more rigorous time standards.

1,500% return

With Zorea Consulting’s support, our investors enjoyed a 1500% return on their investment.

Jon Zeef
Founder and President (retired)
Branch Internet Services

As a startup, the company had a very informal entrepreneurial environment, spread across numerous initiatives.

Implementing a comprehensive action-item management system helped the company successfully finish projects on time, at the expected quality, and within budget.

unparalleled help

We have used other consulting teams before, but none have helped us as much as Zorea Consulting.

Paul Rosenbaum
Chairman and CEO (former)
Rentrak Corporation

Although the company was using forms supplied by HR to evaluate employees, the CEO was not happy with the lieutenants’ and employees’ performances.

After cataloging project action-items performance and implementing the alignment program, individual and team performance went up dramatically and the company stock price doubled.

build a sound business

As a former manager who benefited from Dr. Zorea’s mentoring, I can heartily recommend the man who shares his life lessons in building a sound business.

Ed Waltz
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff
Virginia Tech

The company had just lost a number of significant contracts, suffered massive layoffs, and lost core personnel experts.

Within three-years, the company’s progressive executives drove year-over-year valuation from $3M to $16M, to $29M, to $90M. The year that valuation ramped-up to $90M, senior management successfully sold the company.

on our side

We were very fortunate to have Zorea Consulting on our side.

Greg Hammerman
Co-founder and President (former)
Techstreet, Inc.

The company was growing sales with no profits.

Profitable sales per employee increased 400%.