Manage It Right!

Strategic Planning is Dead!

Although “seat-of-the-pants management” can work for a start-up for only so long, it is not a sustainable and scalable approach to growing a business. This explains why many start-up founders who are addicted to this style of management either fail to grow their company, are themselves replaced, or invite other leaders to help them grow. Although we rarely hear of those that did not make it, recall such famous examples as when Microsoft’s Bill Gates on-boarded Steve Balmer, when Apple’s Steve Jobs was ousted by his own board, or when Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page welcomed Eric Schmidt as Chairman. “When?”: That being said, the sooner the founder can think about his or her growing business strategically, rather than just tactically, the better. So that’s the short answer to the question “when?” The bigger and more impactful challenge relates to the “how?” “How?”: For many companies, traditional strategic planning […]