Global Ebook Awards

Global Ebook Awards recognize “Manage It Right!”

Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards recognized “Manage It Right!” for 2 awards:

2014 Careers/Employment Non-Fiction

   Global Ebook Awards_ bronze medal winner

2014 Best Ebook Cover

Global Ebook Awards_ honorable mention winner

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Readers' Favorite

Readers’ Favorite gives 5-stars for “Manage It Right!”

Dennis definitely seems as if he’s in over his head when he begins working in a business unit called BLM. It’s a job he’s highly unprepared for, but luckily he has the support of someone who knows what he’s doing and can help immensely. Together Chuck and Dennis are able to overcome many obstacles and to improve the company so that it’s not only sufficient but actually operating well. This is a non-fiction story of how two men were able to turn around a company and Manage it Right! can help anyone else do the same. (read more)