Zorea Consulting worked with us to analyze and suggest solutions to significant operational challenges. Zorea Consulting has demonstrated sound strategic intuition and operational common sense. Their insightful views certainly benefited our decision-making and proved extremely valuable.

valuable opportunities

Zorea Consulting’s mature business and management experience made it straight-forward to identify, develop, and nurture valuable opportunities for our business.

Robert Buckler
President (retired)
DTE Energy

sound business

As a former manager who benefited from Dr. Zorea’s mentoring, I can heartily recommend the man who shares his life lessons in building a sound business.

Ed Waltz
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff
Virginia Tech


In my 30 years of business reporting for the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, and Crain’s Detroit Business, Carlos Zorea is the savviest person I’ve met. His observations are always spot-on, and he is legendary in the Detroit area for entrepreneurs who became successes because they were smart enough to listen to him.

Tom Henderson
Crain’s Detroit Business

achievement and success

Zorea Consulting is very quick to crack the code on how to optimize your business core competencies and assets. Their intuitive approach fixed our attention on our business growth priorities; we worked more on what we were supposed to do to achieve our company’s goals and objectives. As a result, we attained a whole new level of achievement and success.

results were marvelous

The more we listened to Zorea and acted on their advice, the more satisfied our customers became. As our competitors started losing customers to us, we just kept getting stronger and better. The results were marvelous.

Andrew Bank
Director (former)
Thomson Scientific

drive sales and profitability

Carlos Zorea and his team helped us organize for growth and focus sharply on what matters. Every day, we still use the lessons he taught us to drive sales and profitability.

Jeff Padden
Public Policy Associates, Inc.

greatest benefits

There is often no shortage of opportunities, but Zorea Consulting helped us to quantify them and decide which to pursue. Zorea helped us to focus on the projects and programs that would provide the greatest benefits. Together we established new goals & methods to achieve them.

profitable sales per employee skyrocketed

Zorea Consulting is a business-success catalyst who pointed us in the right direction. When they offered us a future-oriented perspective, we listened; and if we demonstrated critical inconsistencies, Zorea’s assuring style made it easier for us to accept the rationale for corrective change. Our sales per employee skyrocketed from $70K to $350K–a 400% increase!

Gregg Hammerman
Co-founder and President (past)

none have helped as much

We have used other consulting teams before, but none have helped us as much as Zorea Consulting. When you are deeply entrenched in the daily grind of tactical operations, you quickly learn to value Zorea’s strategic bird’s-eye view of the business.

systematic business creativity

Zorea has shown us how to apply systematic business creativity to resolve our business issues, and their Strategic Mapping approach has empowered us to define our own Value Strategy. We now see far more clearly how to reliably achieve our strategic objectives.

Paul Rosenbaum
Chairman and CEO (former)
Rentrak Corp.

a number of firsts

In 1993, I founded Branch Internet Services Inc., a company that provided dedicated and co-location internet access, web-hosting and web-development. and are but two of the familiar websites that we hosted. At Branch we pioneered a number of firsts: the first ever e-commerce web site (the Branch Mall), the internet’s first reminder service, the internet’s first e-greeting cards and the first virtual web-server. We also became Michigan’s first commercial DSL provider.

1,500% return

With Zorea Consulting’s encouraging support we grew further, and then in 1997 we sold Branch to Verio. Those were very exciting times; our investors enjoyed a 1500% return on their investment. Zorea Consulting was beneficial in all aspects of growing the business – strategic thinking, business development and even hiring. I found the expertise and experience extremely valuable.

Jon Zeeff
Founder and CEO (past)
Branch Internet Services

revenue growth

Dr. Zorea joined the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) at a time of declining revenues and management changes.  His keen insight and talent for quickly assessing organizational strengths and weaknesses stimulated effective corrective action in turning the organization to a revenue growth path.

key role in this success

In particular, Dr. Zorea’s emphasis on working with employees to establish performance expectations that were mutually aligned with organizational growth objectives played a key role in this success.

Dr. Jack Walker
VP and Chief Scientist (retired)
ERIM International, Inc.

really impressed

Zorea Consulting has been working with us to improve one of our business areas. What has really impressed me about the firm is their ability to not only lay out a strategic path to improvement, but also to lay out the tactical steps to make the strategic plan work.

excellent job

Unlike other consultants that we have worked with that simply analyze and report out, Zorea worked with us from problem definition through solution implementation and fine-tuning. They do an excellent job making the process and the people better.

Zorea understands us

It is obvious that Zorea understands us and customizes solutions specific to our needs, personnel, and business environment.

Trevor F. Lauer
Vice President – Marketing
DTE Energy