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“Manage It Right!” named Foreword Reviews’ 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist

Today, Manage It Right! Press is pleased to announce Manage It Right! has been recognized as a finalist in the 17th annual Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards. (read more)


Readers' Favorite

Readers’ Favorite recongizes “Manage It Right!” with bronze medal

Readers’ Favorite recognizes Manage It Right! with the:

2014 Bronze Medal for Non-Fiction – Business/Finance  books.

Readers Favorite_ 2014-bronze medal winner





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Global Ebook Awards

Global Ebook Awards recognize “Manage It Right!”

Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards recognized “Manage It Right!” for 2 awards:

2014 Careers/Employment Non-Fiction

   Global Ebook Awards_ bronze medal winner

2014 Best Ebook Cover

Global Ebook Awards_ honorable mention winner

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Successful Business Book: “Manage It RIght!”

“… I think there are two distinguishing qualities of business books that make the successful ones stand out from all the rest: Quality of Concept and Quality of Writing… The core concept is what really differentiates a business book. Successful business books have strong single defining themes, executed in a […] 5 stars

5 out of 5.0 stars: “A refreshing approach, highly recommended”

5.0 out of 5 stars A refreshing approach, highly recommended

A refreshing approach to a business management book. The book’s narrative style made it very real and easy for the reader to relate to Dennis and Chuck in their own lives. The attention to detail of business fundamentals and analysis was extremely helpful, it’s apparent Carlos and Dee Zorea are true professionals with a great deal of experience to share. I found the focus on time management and self-evaluation extremely insightful. I have already begun to implement positive change as a founding partner in a recent new business.

- MaryLou Giustini customer review logo

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

In our second interview of our Q&A series, we were fortunate enough to interview Dr. Carlos Zorea, founder and CEO of Zorea Consulting, located in Chicago, IL. At 72 years of age, Dr. Zorea a graduate of Standford University’s Graduate School of Business, is a business management expert with fifty years of experience. Zorea Consulting helps their clients succeed, transforms how they manage their business, drives profitability and increases the value of their business. (read more)

by Sheyi Davies


Univision Conexion interviews Zorea Consulting & “Manage It Right!”

Univision Conexion recently interviewed Carlos Zorea and Dee Zorea of Zorea Consulting about their new business management book, “Manage It Right!” and the importance of empowering middle managers with the right tools & know-how to improve business operations and organizations’ value.  View the interview (in Spanish), click here.

ForeWord Reviews

ForeWord Reviews Gives ’5 Hearts’ to “Manage It Right!”

Meet Dennis, a manager who has been asked to turn around a failing business division, and Chuck, a consultant with the deep knowledge and experience to help him. These are the two leading characters of Manage It Right!—a book that combines a compelling story line with strategic advice for intrapreneurial managers. (read more)

by Barry Silverstein


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Not an Entitlement: Keep Bonuses Performance-Based

If an organization’s short-term incentive programs are not driving better employee performance, they are just wasting money… Moreover, the incentive money paid to low performers “might be better invested in needed capital equipment, new personnel, new business initiatives and so on, said Carlos Zorea, CEO of Zorea Consulting in Chicago. (read more)

by Joanne Sammer

Univision Radio

Univision Radio interviews Zorea Consulting

Univision Radio recently interviewed Zorea Consulting about the new book Manage It Right! For the full interview (in Spanish), click here.

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“Manage It Right!” featured at Book Expo America

CHICAGO — Book Expo America (BEA) is hosting the country’s largest book fair this week in New York City, Wednesday, May 28, through Saturday, May 31, 2014. In attendance is one of the nation’s premier book review organizations, ForeWord Reviews. In their Summer 2014 magazine edition and once a year […]


Kirkus reviews “Manage It Right!”

“A demanding road map for turning around a failing business… valuable business insights… Tough-love business management advice that never loses sight of the big-picture economy.” (read more)


Manage It Right!

Is your bonus compensation system fair?

Have you ever observed that businesses owners and compensation decision-makers in organizations over-bonus too many of their employees, be they under-performers or equal-bonus recipients regardless of performance? This is unfair to both the employer and the employees. It is unfair to the employer if the company is paying too much […]

Manage It Right!

Strategic Planning is Dead!

Although “seat-of-the-pants management” can work for a start-up for only so long, it is not a sustainable and scalable approach to growing a business. This explains why many start-up founders who are addicted to this style of management either fail to grow their company, are themselves replaced, or invite other […]

Readers' Favorite

Readers’ Favorite gives 5-stars for “Manage It Right!”

Dennis definitely seems as if he’s in over his head when he begins working in a business unit called BLM. It’s a job he’s highly unprepared for, but luckily he has the support of someone who knows what he’s doing and can help immensely. Together Chuck and Dennis are able to overcome many obstacles and to improve the company so that it’s not only sufficient but actually operating well. This is a non-fiction story of how two men were able to turn around a company and Manage it Right! can help anyone else do the same. (read more)

Boomer_ Free Book & Signing

Free Book & Signing Event

WHAT: Book Signing Event – Chicago Business Experts Release New Books for ‘Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners’ WHEN:  Thursday, May 15, 2014, 5pm-7pm WHERE: OfficeMax® Business Solutions Center 550 N St Clair, Chicago, IL 60611 (by the corner of Ohio St. & Michigan Ave)   The OfficeMax® Business Solutions Center […]


Manage It Right! Business Experts Release New Book for ‘Intrapreneurs’

Chicago, IL — (SBWIRE) — 03/19/2014 — After decades of helping their clients achieve success after success, Carlos Zorea and Dee Zorea are sharing their expertise with the wider business community with the release of their new book, ‘Manage It Right! Intrapreneurial Skills to Succeed in Any Organization’… (read more) logo

How to identify and eliminate useless meetings

You look at your calendar, and you see it — that meeting, the one where people talk but nothing gets done. How can you identify and eliminate useless meetings from your schedule? Here are some expert tips… (read more)

by Catherine Conlan



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